SWERTRES RESULT TODAY AND HEARING for June 08, 2019 –  Swertres is the most popular lotto game here in the Philippines. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) holds Suertres/Swertres result and others Lottery draws daily 11am, 4pm and 9PM. You may watch those PCSO draw via Live at PTV.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) recently announced the SWERTRES and other lottery results for today. Below those results update you may verify at PCSO official website – www.pcso.gov.ph

Today June 08, 2019 Lotto results from Pcso PH.

2D-Ez2 Lotto
11AM : 29-09
4PM : 05-25
9PM : 05-24
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

3D Swertres Lotto
11AM : 1-7-8
4PM : 1-6-2
9PM : 0-5-5
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,500.00 per 10 peso play

6D PCSO Lotto Results
9PM : 2-1-0-7-1-6
Winning numbers in exact order

Lotto 6/42 PCSO Results
9PM : 08-25-40-05-07-11
Jackpot : Php 19,467,360.40
Winning numbers in any order

GrandLotto 6/55 PCSO Results
9PM : 26-34-39-52-22-47
Jackpot : Php 29,700,000.00
Winning numbers in any order

PCSO Small Town Lottery (STL) Results For June 08, 2019

STL Pares
Morning 11am : 18-28
Afternoon 4pm : 07-06
Evening 9pm : 33-11
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer3
Morning 11am : 5-3-7
Afternoon 4pm : 7-1-0
Evening 9pm : 4-6-7
Winning numbers in exact order

STL 2-Digits
Morning 11am : 2-9
Afternoon 4pm : 6-5
Evening 9pm : 1-5
Winning numbers in exact order

The PCSO Lottery result you are seeing above is 2D-Ez2 Lotto, 3D Swertres Lotto, 4D PCSO Lotto Results, MegaLotto 6/45 PCSO Results, Ultra 6/58 Lotto. Small Town Lottery (STL) STL Pares, STL Swer3 and STL 2-Digits. All the results being updated on interval of 11:00 AM, 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM today June 08, 2019

Results Posted here by www.PinoySwertres.com are collected  from the PCSO Official Website or via PTV LIVE. We are PinoySwertres.com does not sell lottery tickets nor promote online lottery. This site merely displays winning lotto numbers drawn by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)

PinoySwertres.com the Number one SWERTRES HEARING website in the Philippines.

We PinoySwertres.com won’t share our secreat strategy but we will share our prediction of the possible combinations for SWERTRES and STL SWER3 for today.

Today Pcso Swertres Lotto Pasakay Guide.

June 08, 2019
Swertres Guide – 1 – ( 08 ) – 2 – ( 27 ) – 3 – ( 78 )

Today Pcso STL Swer3 Lotto Pasakay Guide.

June 08, 2019
Swer3 Guide – 1 – ( 06 ) – 2 – ( 35 ) – 3 – ( 46 )

Pinoyswertres Team Guide for Swertres and STL Swer3.

June 08, 2019
Rex31 : ( 17 )
Jendyle : ( 26 )
Jishan : ( 029 )

PCSO Swertres Lotto Pairing Guide for today.

June 08, 2019 – ( 23, 21, 83, 81 ) 99.99% Probability

PCSO STL Swer3 Lotto Pairing Guide for today.

June 08, 2019 – ( 69, 67, 29, 27 ) 99.99% Probability

PCSO Swertres and Swer3 Lotto Best Hearing For Today!

Top Swertres combination = 786 – 752 – 913 – 358 – 015 – 472 – 264

Philippine PCSO Swertres and Swer3 Lotto Monthly Hearing!

661 – 125610721 – 053
003 – 241 – 262713 – 982
759 – 359 – 082 – 905 – 856

Bold already Gawas na this month!

Do not Copy our hearing to post in your Lotto Outlet, Facebook timeline, else you will pay the penalty by the Philippines cyber crime law.

The SWERTRES HEARING TODAY that you are seeing above are based on Previous results, Calendar guide, Pairing, Psakay which call a Mix Methodologies. Those method are the extremely valuable to win SWERTRES lotto. Paskay Guides are the most important to win Swertres Lotto. Without these guides, you do not get the best results.

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Note : Always Bet at your own risk how ever we posted here some hearings. All of our guide is Probables guide only to compare to your own guide. Best of Luck and have a Good Day.


  1. Good morning to you admin also to all psteam member especially my idol masters in this site.
    Share lng for 11 am


    Thanks admin, hopefully i will get it.

  2. Good morning po. Pahingi po pa m10 para po sa lola ko malakas din syang tumaya ng swer3. Notice me po.

  3. Hello po good morning.
    Pahingi po pa m10 para po sa lola ko. Malakas din po kase syang tumaya ng swer3. Notice me po

    Mga sir @daugko @BUMPS

  4. Goodam ps team grats sir ed. Nkta tyam tyam nasad your d best!
    @capricorn posible pa ni ang scalera katung ghtag ni boss ed?

  5. Goodmorning saturday morning tanan.wat best today? @ofw/ as sir.swertrings.sana labas na c 861..537

  6. Maayong Buntag Sir @Admin sa tanan co. SM PSTeam19 @scutty_sark @Bumps @VerTigo @Supremo @Fisherman @Korn @Kevin @Jojo @AngelS @Zaitam @AngelL&D @Backer @Vougard @DessertStom @Redhorse @Mr. Z & Y @Bobong @Rose @Sofia @Melodz805 @jen964 @amelia @Mr.lost @eagle eYe @angelightdark @lanny527 @eddaugko @magician @j4 @elbimbo @Fn @grandmaster @gamblinglord @Korn_424 @anglesurvivor @jeanmay @Kevin @MCARTHUR70 @Peachsoft @capricorn @mauy na pari @toyakz @superman @ironman @EmailProtected @AgeLight&Dark Ug sa wlapa nko Apil ug lista may be! by nxt tym G/L today gb SHARE: 777-my Mlo 321 919 G/L

  7. guide all draws: pick 3 or pick 2 or pick 1

    ( 4357621 )
    ( 4487722 )
    ( 487792 )
    ( 87690 )
    ( 68907 )
    ( 8927974 )
    11 am Probables = 376 642 231 413 279 824 949 target reverse
    extras: 732 372 356 794 463 634 249 724 287 984 948 target reverse.
    total of 36 combinations

  8. grats Sir Ed….and thanks for your dtb and vip !
    I was able to choose the winning combi last night..my 1 and only bet…890/ 089…rambol !
    more blessings…

  9. Good morning hurot….,belated congrats sa mga winners yesterday,and congrats ahead sa mga winners today….thanks admin folks,by the way,special mention [email protected] sir Armstrong,
    @boss sir bobong,@boss sir bumps,@boss sir Ed daugko,@boss ma’am rose,@boss ma’am angel light and dark,@boss ma’am Ellen rose,@boss ma’am chimlay laid,boss ma’am melody,@boss ma’am rose,@boss ma’am roxan,and the rest nga wala na mention Kay daghan na kaayo next time napod ang uban,good morning,good day sa atong tanan…

  10. Good morning admin, master zelf67, master bumps, master daug ko, master magician, master bobobg, master fisherma

  11. Good saturday morning
    Maayong pag panglaba mga mrs….
    623 932 260 902 190 090gl

  12. Goodmorning mga bro and sis…
    Master zelf, bro supremo, bro bobong, bro korn,, bai tayador, bro redhorse, bro rooster, bro capricorn, bro bidaa kapamilya, bro backer, bro akapulko, mam rose, mam jen964, mam jeanmay, mam keith, mam chimlay, mam jhenylegor, mam lanny, mam huwagme, mam alaysacorn,, laras tanan..

    Share lang:

    (03all)—whole draw sharo dili pakita


    Best depenz:


    Salamat mga bro&SIS…

  13. Gud mrning horot

    All draws



    Guide—–(4/1) pasure all draws



  14. Good morning admin and ps team!

    Good morning pud mga bros. @Tatski, @OFW, @yukimaki, @Fisherman, @Rooster @Bobong, @Zelf. Og Salamat sa mga nag greet.

    Para nako dako pa kaayo na og chance ang 901 kay wala pagyod na nga plastada migawas. Gabalik balik na ang ramble ana. Kung may pang bpt ka m10 mo nalang na. Ang the rest na esca ni boss Ed, ato nalang na e pangutana niya*

    Repost lang akong weekly guide

    (((0886))) hangtud ugma pani

    Recap yesterday’s results

    Sana mohirit pa kay ang akong gihulat nga mo poste si *6* g mo ending si *8*

  15. Good morning admin.ug satanan ps team.
    Ug maayong buntag kaninyong tanan mga idol.
    @boss bumps
    @boss daugko
    @CAPRICORN178 congrats dol
    @ironman avengers
    @Bidaa kapamilya
    @Super man man of steel
    @El bimbo
    @Lee amor
    @pepito manaloto
    Ug sa uban mga master sharr maayong buntag kaninyong tanan

  16. good morning admin bro @bumps bro @zelf67 bro @fisherman bcn maka pukot nata karon bro sabay ko sa imong 03all ug sa depenz. bro @rooster bro @korn_424 bro @tutz bro @baido brother @superman ( man of steel ) ) @redhorse @jobuc813 bai @tayador @tatski @scorpio bro @yukimaki @sofia @rose sis @keith728 @melodz085 @jen964 @chimlay laid @honey724 @ladyann @akapulko extract @huwagme @backer @peachsoft @24k bro @pepito manaloto @dragon781 @snakeman @akon07 n all share; 825 285 158 053 155 115 491 175 pasakay & pairs 3748 gl

  17. good morning admin and everyone…
    filling nos.. 2..6..7
    for doubles..
    2..6..7..to… 013458
    and so on…

  18. Guide “””ALL DRAW “””for today

    9*8*8=pick 1/2
    9*0*2=pick 1/2
    9*1*7=pick 1/2


    (((979-998-999))) KUNGVDI KARON, M10



  19. good morning po ADMIN share ( 72 ) 728 722 772 720 723 721 724 728 725 ( 70 ) 709 700 703 other best pair bno 44 92 90 02 00 22 52 65 95 55

  20. Bro bobong wala ba jud ta ka tagay2x ug tuba dri….kaluy.an unta ta karon bro… panagsa nlang mkasuroy basta bz… bai tayador unsa nang tuba nmo dha tam.is na ky birahan nato…

  21. 17=+23489(178)(147)




    “”””””””””””ALL DRAW “”””””””””””

  22. Hatag mog number nga sure to win 1to 3days maintain..pandugang palit gamit sa school

  23. 8’s play-off tym game na”reunion of aging masters sharer” hehe…ganon p rin wlng atrasan tserman kpit kmay lng
    Bestbet:whole draw
    Extra rice:
    015,060,024,033,114,213,222>(tc#6)Prof.Ed missing ‘n action…
    339*,663*,717,744,555>(tc#15)doble kara
    609,456,249,735,726>mc arthur

    Gl & Gb 2us…

  24. Good morning sa tanan labi n kay Admin..
    Kini lang ako Mr Chairman….316 361 163 613

  25. Yehey, admin sir Ed psteam
    Let’s celebrate sa mga BPTinians

    Daugko 1milyon LoL

    Mao ni sharer dunay malasakit

    GI Ayo gyud ta nya og convince what if kuno 1milyon Ang daugon.

  26. good morning
    Bai fisherman
    Bai bobong
    Bai rooster
    admin ug sa tanan

  27. HELLO sa tanan. Sir zelf good morning and to to admin bumps. Pa enter ko Dria. Thanks.

  28. BUMPSBUMPS 08/06/2019 at 7:14 AM
    Gud mrning horot

    All draws



    Guide—–(4/1) pasure all draws



  29. Congrats winners @kevin, @bumps, bro capricorn, @ofw,,, other winners grats tanan…

  30. grats and salamat boss bumps! rumble

    solid ka talaga boss ga-ming! syang di nakataya haha
    pakita ka samin sir bgo kami umalis cdo haha!

    silent viewer

  31. Sir,Ga-ming..THANK YOU Kaayo Sir ha..nkadaug ko 3.SALAMAT KAAYO SIR GAMING HA.. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS PO! Ginaabayan gyud nko ng imo numero Sir.Salamat gyud kaayo.wlang sawang Pasasalamat.

  32. Good nun everyone!!

    Gratz sir bumps & @capricorn178!!!!

    Kalooy aq bagdok didto humapon ha swer3..huhuhu

  33. Congrats… Ga-ming… Single tagetic 178 and congrats… boss bumps… Rambolitic 781… God bless all…

  34. Huh! Mao nani akong gipaabot nga mo ending ang *8*

    my lucky number 178

    weekly guide (0886)
    ingon ko mohirit pani hangtud ugma*

    isa nalang nga mo poste ang *6*

    Grats [email protected],tuloy ang 7colors boss*
    grats mga bros OFW KEVIN AND ALL WINNERS


  35. Pahingi ng numero 1 time lang po pang bahay lang nami kasi pinapalayas na kami sa tinitirahan namim

  36. @daps hahahaha i tag ta unta ka ganina kaso sayo ko mi nanglakaw going davao,wala nako naka post usab.daug ko 150 ka unit hahahahahaha gamay2x compared last time pero dako naa kaau kai midyo hubas na. . . Salamat lord

    Congrats sa naka sabay,ug congrats pud sa mga master nga nag share sa combi 178. . . Sa sunod nasab

  37. Master gaming panghatag pang 4pm slamat. Slamat sab sa tanan mga Master wla ko kataya pero nalipay ko sa inyo ky nakadaug mo. Pls. ko sa inyo number para 4 and 9pm!!

  38. @ga-ming haha okey lang boss 4wins ko dalawa galing sayo(straight).. haha
    sayang gamay lng.. pero mataas na yun hahaha!
    turuan mo nman ako tekniks.. apply ako for mentorship haha!
    ingat sa byahe boss.. ugma na din kme mag punta pa cebu..

    (silent viewer)
    salamat din sa iba dyan di nyo lng alam pero kumukuwa ko number sa inyo haha grasya kyo

  39. hi sir bumps pang b.day lang unta sir bumps karong petsa24 sa akong pagomangkon sir bi ,,hope mabasahan ni nimo sir..

    thanks admin

  40. 836

    Ginagmay lang para dli kabalos c pisoy

    @daps hahahahahaha cge ayo2x sa byahi

  41. Sana makasabay na bago umalis!
    @ ga-ming at @bumps pasabay!

    pa slide.
    ((611)) – Birthday ni mama

    -daps tagalog viewer 😀

  42. animal gyud ning STL…. tangilog ug resulta…. tan awa ako pairing gihatag….


    pero gago ning PCSO OFFICE karon kalang mkakubra ko sa kapa kay lakipon taka STL ug taya….

  43. pres. duterte ipasira na ang investment scam, tan-awa ninyo sa youtube.. gamay na atong taya ani sa swertres kong musira na ang kapa.

    salamat admin

  44. 4PM same guide

    8,0,6—pasure get12




    173,137 M10 BUNALI 4PM


  45. 011-115-116/611 pa slide sa kang boss Bumps.

    pa abay sad sa imong 411 boss Bumps. Thanks!

    padayon ang laban sa akong post this morning*

    Gl to all! Thanks admin!

  46. @boss Capricorn possibly kaha na ako 666?kai ako nalang jud na tinodon ug bagdok ,dli kunalang na alang alangon heheheh target 1k ko ana karon boss

  47. @ga-ming
    kung sa ako g weekly basihan pasok siya og maayo sad na birahan sa hapon og gabii kay nakagawas naman gud na sa buntag*

    111-777 dili angay kompyansahan. bpt

  48. congrats @ga_ming target 178 1combi lang wow! @[email protected] target code name bro @bupms @kiven bro @ofw_627 bro @yukimaki n all winners bro wala jd nasapon sa atong pukot 175 ug 158 ako ah ok lang bro bcn daug nat unya he he he share; 140 104 159 251 153 pakapin 138 pasakay & pairs 1526 gl

  49. @gaming sayang wala ko kaabay sa imo number silent viewer ko nimo wala ko kakita sa imo post cguro tungod sa ka gaming hehehe joke lang sir,wala lang guro swerte sa sugal,keep on posting mga idol,sir bumps,sir daugko ug sa tanan na mga masters.

  50. @Capricorn ah ok boss salamat

    Salamat di sa mga nag greet,basta ayaw mo pag laom ana ako # kai igo rana nako gi analyze,mas maau mo subay jud ta aning naay mga data sama ni boss bump,boss ed,boss capricorn,boss bida kapamilya ug sa uban mga master danhi. . . Salamat ug good luck sa atong tanan

  51. congrats mga winners. makatsamba unta ko unya. makapili unta kog maayuhon. salamat admin

  52. good pm …

    congats all winners ..

    38 all ..

    583 683 873

    813 823 438 236

  53. 8’s coffe tym p silip2.salamuch tnan sa nag grats mga bros & sisi.deretso n habang may tym pa…
    Extra rice:

    Gl & Gb…

  54. sir Ga ming congrats sir..wla kay lain tinaguan dha sir.gnhan kau ko mo post ka sir dli dghan numero sureball kau bsan dli permi.paabaya ko sunod sir ha.slamat

  55. Gud Pm

    Sir Gaming hangang hanga ako sa yo kahit isang combination lang ang pino post mo pero target talaga…yan ang tunay na magaling kasi hindi maraming combination….nakalilito tuloy kapag maraming combination but ikaw ang galing talaga..

    naalala ko pa ang 025 target dati ngayon naman 178…

    Ang galing…….

    Salamat Admin..

  56. Sir Gaming

    please mag post ka naman para matulungan
    mo kami sa amin maraming talo matagal na

    wala man lang panalo please,,,,,

  57. Pusoy! 162 thursday night ko pinuruhan 160 lumabas tapos ngaun after two days 162 lumabas.. pusoy gaming! haha.. talo

    kapit lang !
    517 > baka bumalik din
    529 > baka bumalik din

  58. @Armstrong:
    Dol maayong hapon, maayong hapon admin ug sa tanan PS TEAM….dol pasensya na kron pa kasilip, grabi ka busy jud dol…unsay maau kron dol? Mangayo nlang ko dol basin ug makasabay diay sa grasya, hehehe

  59. Good eve sa tanan masters. Say nindot tayaan krn gabie. Salamat and more power

  60. JAMES BOND told me a while ago to share his 007 code, he further told me not to forget for a 6-6-1 tonight.

    wala jud ko kasabot sa iyang gitugon nako. kamo nalang tawon ang mosabot.

  61. please huwag mag post ng sobrang daming combination dahil nakakalito tuloy….paki post na lang ang medyo sigurado nyo na number na lalabas..

    kagaya kay BOSS BUMPS, BOSS ED at Gaming ay kaunti lang ang combination na pino post pero sigurado…Yan ang tunay na masters..

    kasi kapag sobrang dami parang tela nobela na…

    Sir RTX70 pakilabas naman ulit Sir ang galing mo..Alam ko makapagbigay ka ng panalo..

    Thank you Admin..

  62. Ang isang advantage pa na kaunti lang ang number na pino post ay kapag hindi lumabas kaunti lang ang talo..

    tulong tulong tayo para maraming tao ang matutulungan dahil ang iba ay kailangan talaga nila ang kanilang mapapanalunan at ang mga taong ito ay naghihintay sa kamay ng mga masters upang manalo…

    Maraming salamat:

    Boss Bumps
    Sir Ed Daugko

    Admin maraming salamat..

  63. @RMG

  64. Admin good evening
    Sana ang 881 mo ang palabasin ni chairman ngaun para mnalo nko ulit last march pko nkdaug.
    Bday kc ngaun ng lola ko 81 na cya.
    Thanks admin have a wonderful and blessed evening to you.

  65. Yehey 3 hits ko 890 126 krn 055 target na gyud

    Thank you admin sir Ed!!!!!!!


    BPTinians let’s celebrate again!!!

  66. Daghan kaayong salamat sir daugko sa imo pmintin nka daog nsad ko ug gamay….congrats to all

  67. Noyg grats kw gtaagaan of dtb ana
    Igo gyud sa dtb8

    Dghan salamat sir Ed
    669 nlng gyd

  68. Thanks boss Ed. Naka target ko kay gi Llave ra nako. 550-505-055 gi post pud ni nako mgab1pm

    Recap lang kos akong weekly guide
    ((( 0886)))
    Res. Am 178=8√
    Res. Pm 162=6√
    Res. Eve 055=0√

    Last day na ugma, sana mosulod gihapon

  69. Hay nko admin pusoy nsad,

    Ok lng panalo nman ang nba idol ko.105
    >>>>>TORONTO RAPTORS<<<<<<

    Pamintin ni idol totskie

    015-dtb best bet 2nd week of the month.

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